Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brooklyn Museum Research Collection

The Brooklyn Museum Research Collection has an excellent selection of photographic and engraved images in their archives. The Brooklyn Museum Harper's Weekly Brooklyn Bridge material contains some remarkable engraved prints.

Cover From Harper's Weekly, October 26, 1912 by Gerrit A. Beneker

The New York Terminal of the Brooklyn Bridge, Now Under Construction. From Harper's Weekly, October 12, 1895 by William Louis Sonntag, Jr.

Under the Towers. From Harper's Weekly, February 2, 1882, by H. Baker, Jr.

Mayor Gaynor Walking across Brooklyn Bridge to his Office. From Harper's Weekly, February 25, 1911 by Unknown artist.

The Brooklyn Museum Research Collection photographs webpage link is here.

Brooklyn Bridge, 1946 by Arthur Leipzig. Gelatin silver print. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of the artist, 86.152.17. © Arthur Leipzig 1946

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